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These boards depict our four model designs.
8' Surfside Special.. 9'6"Surfside Glide.. 9' Surfside Hyper Glide and the 10' Xtra glide.

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A Single Fin Mentality
The nature of our bottom roll coupled with rail design at the tail and the old school pivot turn ability of a single fin board make our boards turn smoothly, quickly, and without worry of a tail breakaway on hard bottom turns in bigger faster surf.

Full outline. Perfect Rocker & Foil. Very Flat through the middle for speed down the line and paddling, very subtle nose kick with gradual tail kick starting 3/4 way back with slight bottom roll. very subtle broad nose concave. Thinned down broad square tail for MAX GLIDE and CRIMINAL WAVE SNATCHING ability.
The Right Rails... slightly tapered down 60/40 slightly harder @ the tail.

10 oz glass on top. 6 oz on the bottom.
Old school rail wrap bottom lay up ACID SPLASH

Buffed glossed & polished.

Made in the USA
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Surfside Special model

8' n19 "w22" t14 1/2" th3"
Blanks on 8' are double Wood V

9' Surfside Hyper Glide Model
n 18 3/4 " w23 " t15 " th 3 "

9'6"Surfside Glide Model
n 19" w23 1/2" t15 1/2" th3 1/8"
Surfside Xtra Glide Model
n 19" w24" t15 1/2"th3 1/4"

Designed for Maximum Wave Energy Extraction

Local Wave Enf the flow

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